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Special Permits and Licenses in Portugal

Companies in Portugal must obtain special permits and licenses in order to conduct business activities in a number of fields.

The Portuguese authorities may require construction permits, permits for the import and export business and permits that attest the environmental impact of a business.

One of our lawyers in Portugal can give you specific information on how these permits are relevant to your business and can assist you in obtaining them.

Commercial licenses in Portugal

Commercial licenses are used in a number of fields, including for self-practitioners like medical professionals or lawyers in Portugal.

Portuguese companies in the retail and construction business, as well as those that provide leisure services like travel services, require special licenses. Car rental activities are subject to approval from the Institute of Mobility and Transport. Financial service providers, such as auditors, need special licensing.

In order to operate a restaurant or hotel, investors in Portugal will need to obtain special permits and licenses, both for constructing the premises and for compliance with the health and safety standards in the country.

Import and export licenses are needed for those companies that engage in trade. In this sector, certain goods may be subject to restriction.

Licenses in the industry business in Portugal

Some business fields are subject to the provisions of Portugal’s environmental policies. Sectors like industry, energy or tourism are regulated and, depending on the activity they undertake, businesses will need to undergo an environmental impact assessment. Environmental licenses are issued according to the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control policies.

The Portuguese Environmental Authority, the General Health Directorate or the General Veterinary Services Directorate are some of the agencies that issue some of the industrial licenses.

All companies in Portugal can engage in commercial activities after they have been registered with the Company Registry and are registered for tax purposes.

Find out more about the requirements to open a company in Portugal and request detailed information from the specialists at our law firm in Portugal.

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