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Legal Services in Porto

Porto is Portugal’s second largest city after Lisbon and an industrial and business center. Many corporations have their headquarters located here and the services industry is among the most developed. A popular export from this region is the Porto wine – produced exclusively in a valley in Northern Portugal.

Porto is an excellent location for import/export business, transport, and logistics companies but also for expats looking to move to Portugal. Its location along the Atlantic coastline favors trade with other EU countries.

Investors who want to open a company in Porto and want to know the local business law or expats who want to know about the family or employment law can request the services provided by our law firm in Portugal.

Investing in Porto

Porto city is known best for its production of Porto wine. This particular industry is well developed and employs a large number of individuals, from producers to distributors. The industry is also closely linked to tourism in Porto, another key investment area.

The services industry is the city’s main source of economic growth. Manufacturing and commerce are the backbone of the Porto district. Notable sectors include textiles, electrical goods, and machinery. Many of the manufacturers based in this area are also exporters.

The conditions for starting a business in Portugal are straightforward and foreign investments are welcomed. Our team of lawyers in Portugal can provide you with complete legal assistance for opening a branch or a subsidiary in Porto.

Our Services

The legal services provided by our lawyers in Portugal cover all area of law. Our team is able to assist you with corporate legal services and public law issues related to family and inheritance law or the employment law

The general business law in Portugal applies both to domestic and foreign companies that open a local office in Porto. Our team of attorneys can help you incorporate a company, fulfill the registration requirements and comply with the local taxation laws.

Our lawyers in Portugal can also assist you in cross-border matters or merger and acquisition activities. Our experts focus on the client’s needs and are able to provide complete legal services to domestic and international clients.

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