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Legal Services in Lisbon

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital city and its largest city. It receives an important amount of foreign direct investments and attracts large numbers of tourists with its hilly, beautiful landscapes.

Investors who seek legal services in Lisbon are local as well as foreign ones and the principal areas of interest revolve around corporate and business law, including employment and tax advice and planning.

Our team of lawyers in Portugal can provide you with a wide range of services, from starting a company to closing one or handling litigation cases in Lisbon and other Portuguese cities.

Lisbon for foreign investors

As the capital and largest city in Portugal, Lisbon attracts an important percentage of the country’s foreign direct investments. The city has an important market size and it is the country’s main trade, services and tourism center.

Some of the key investment areas in Lisbon include services and industry, notably in service centers formation, the electric and electronic sector, the new information and communication technology, tourism and others.

Foreign companies in Lisbon can benefit from investment aid. Our lawyers in Portugal can tell you more about tax reductions for companies and other types of aid.

Our Services

Our team of lawyers has experience in all areas of law relevant to business but also in family law and inheritance matters, for those investors who are considering estate and investment planning in the country.

Our attorneys in Portugal can help you with the following:
– opening a new company in Portugal;
– setting up the Portuguese branch of a foreign business entity;
– obtaining special permits and licenses for doing business in the country;
– concluding business contracts and partnership agreements;
– operating any company mergers and acquisitions in Portugal;
– closing a company in Portugal;
– commercial and corporate litigation.

Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients in Lisbon and are available both for new, international clients as well as for perceptive business owners in the country.

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