A New Record for Portuguese Green Energy Production

The production of renewable energy is in the attention of many countries worldwide which want to develop all sorts of alternatives for energy with the help of other sources. Portugal, for instance, passed a 40-year old record this year by generating around 104% energy from renewable sources for home consumption. The data revealed means that Portugal developed its good strategies in the green energy sector with lots of chances to hit new records in the future. Foreign investors who decide for business in Portugal can benefit from a wide range of legal services offered by our team of lawyers in Portugal.

Big plans in the energy sector for the years to come

The Portuguese Renewable Energy Association recently stated that Portugal will be able to sustain the total electricity consumptions only from green energy by the end of 2040, in a profitable manner. With the help of several investments in a sector which gained serious attention for the past decade, Portugal is in the position of declaring its success in the green energy sector. The latest reports issued in the electricity field stand at the base of future guarantees that mainland Portugal will be able to produce even more renewable energy.

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Responding to Portugal’s electricity demands

Besides the fact that Portugal hit a new record in the energy field, the data shows positive conclusions, meaning that the green energy in Portugal and its future developments will serve to the country’s demands in a proportion of 100%. At the moment, the rate of 55% represents the generated energy by the hydroelectric plants in Portugal on a monthly basis, a huge rate also sustained by the weather conditions in Portugal.

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